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In 2000 in Italy there were 6,000 shops dedicated to the repair of household appliances. To date there are less than a thousand. And that’s how 44% of broken electronic and electrical appliances become junk, without having made an attempt to repair. When you break the glass you often think about buying another one as the cost of the repair could be very expensive, but then it’s all to be transferred to the new phone and something could be lost. A very delicate and very important issue when buying a new smartphone is that of the guarantee. Unfortunately, taking advantage of the warranty is rather difficult, in some cases you may find that the damage is not covered, in others that you have to send it somewhere to repair it and be forced to remain without a phone for days, in others you still don’t know who to contact. And you are mercilessly bounced between producer and seller.

Conventional systems: limits of the usual hubs

They do not give the possibility to contain objects and / or drinks They help, but they do not prevent The classic tablet and phone holders allow the support of a single device

4Phone is an innovative concept

Prevents accidents (e.g. drinks accidentally dropped on the device) It helps you have everything at hand Thanks to its central compartment it can hold other objects while supporting phones and tablets Use it in the office, at work, at home In bars and restaurants: no accidental falls or mess on the table Finally you no longer have to choose whether to hold your phone or enjoy lunch or dinner (or write, draw, train while watching videos on your tablet)

That’s why 4Phone is different: it doesn’t just support but keeps everything in order and prevents your tablet or phone from being damaged

Before: disorder and chaos – After: with 4Phone, order and extreme comfort

Made entirely in Italy with high quality materials, it guarantees resistance and safety even for the little ones thanks to its rounded shapes.

Designed and built in every detail, 4Phone allows you to place phones and tablets safely in the side pockets, in the central compartment it can contain bottles or other objects, dishwasher safe and dries quickly thanks to the holes in the central base

H: 10 cm, W: 17 cm, D: 17 cm – Central compartment diameter: 11 cm

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