Sanitary disposal bins represent more attention to customers

For hygienic reasons, public toilets should provide sanitary towel bins, so customers can properly dispose of sanitary objects if needed.

Perfect for this purpose are Mar Plast’s sanitary disposal bins – accessories whose wall installation near the toilet can be done quickly and easily due to the kit provided with each order. These dispensers would go perfectly with wastepaper baskets located in the same vicinity, allowing a customer to dispose of the trash immediately.

It may be possible to encourage people to neatly dispose of their own waste with accessories that are eye-catching with both their colours as well as refined design.

We, as Mar Plast, have in store several products that fit very well for this purpose. For example, the hygienic bag dispensers of the Inox line, which showcases metallic colours. For something more playful, you may want to go with something from the Coloured Edition line, offering products in six different colours that do not go unnoticed – like orange, green and blue.

To further perfect a public toilet, you can make an addition of toilet seat cover dispensers. These containers will house disposable products that will meet the hygiene standards of your most demanding customers, making the use of a toilet more hygienic and comfortable.

Both our containers for toilet seat covers as well as sanitary towel bins offer designs that makes it easy for any customer to dispense the relevant materials. This ease is also matched with how simple it will be for the maintenance staff to refill the applicable product when the supply has been depleted. This quality gives all of our lines versatility in functionality.