Inside bars, fast-food outlets, pizza restaurants and many other types of businesses operating in the restaurant sector, customers know they can count on paper napkins for their hygiene and cleaning needs. The presence of these disposable products is therefore a constant, but the way in which they are made available to customers can change, and even a lot, from one place to another. Usually disposable napkin dispensers are not the subject of particular attention by the managers of the premises – which is why patrons often come across objects with an old-fashioned appearance, poorly maintained and not particularly user-friendly when it comes to Remove the sheets: for example, hold the dispenser firmly with one hand to prevent it from tipping over, or the paper will get stuck or tear during the spill. None of these problems will compromise the quality of the service offered to the customer if the napkins of the Kompatto by Mar Plast range, made of sturdy plastic material, entirely Made in Italy and extremely accurate in terms of operation, will be responsible for dispensing paper napkins. And design. The range is divided into these three models: Article 898 – Table dispenser for interleaved napkins This compact sized dispenser (h.160 x d.163 x l.221 mm) can contain up to 200 napkins, which come out from above one To one and are pushed by a spring mechanism. The model can be customized or used for advertising communications thanks to the possibility of inserting two sheets of paper in the special transparent ‘pockets’ located on the long sides. Article 899 – Dispenser for interleaved napkins This model of the Kompatto range has a flattened shape (h.148 x p.428 x l.225 mm) and is characterized by a high capacity, being able to hold up to 600 napkins. The individual napkins protrude laterally from one of the short sides and are pushed by a spring mechanism that facilitates extraction. Also in this case it is possible to personalize the dispenser with an advertising sheet to be inserted in the transparent cover. Article 900 – Counter dispenser for interleaved napkins As for design and functionality, this is undoubtedly the most innovative dispenser of the entire Kompatto range. It is a ‘free standing’ model (h.461 x d.347 x l.225 mm) equipped with a support foot on which the inclined compartment is placed which holds up to 600 napkins. The individual sheets come out from the lower side of the dispenser, which means that the user will only have to pull the paper downwards. Inside the model it is possible to insert an advertising sheet on the front. The capacity of the models in the Kompatto range, the possibility of customization and the quality of the dispensing mechanisms, as well as the ease of refilling, make articles 898, 899 and 900 the ideal solutions to offer disposable napkins to the customers of their premises. They need in a practical, hygienic and aesthetically flawless way.