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Refill soap dispenser: Mar Plast quality

Mar Plast refill soap dispensers are the perfect solution for a modern and efficient bathroom. Robust and functional, Mar Plast soap dispensers have been designed to perfectly adapt to different types of environments and premises. From catering to shops, from gyms to offices, and in all public places where a toilet is provided. Among the basic accessories for hygiene, the soap dispenser is certainly an inevitable element.

Mar Plast dispensers have been designed to make it easy and functional
a fundamental action for hygiene. Washing your hands will become a pleasant habit even outside the home with Mar Plast soap dispensers, with simple use and the unmistakable style of made
in Italy.

Different dispensers for different needs

Mar Plast offers a wide range of soap dispensers to satisfy any need. The catalog offers several models equipped with various dispensing systems, such as buttons or levers, but always with easy operation and incredible savings in waste. The design is also profoundly important for a harmonious bathroom. Mar Plast offers the possibility to choose your own soap dispenser in different shapes, colors and sizes. Mar Plast soap dispensers are exclusive because they are simple and with essential lines and adapt
to any type of environment.

Even the material makes the difference, both in style and in performance. In addition to the classic plastic dispensers, Mar Plast offers a line in stainless steel particularly appreciated for its elegance and robustness. All without giving up a more refined style. The colored edition models are available, in fact, in six different colors, to marry perfectly with the chosen style.

Mar Plast offers the best efficiency even for those places where hygiene must reach very high standards. This is why he designed the HACCP soap dispenser with wall installation, perfect for environments used for preparing food such as kitchens in bars and restaurants.
A specific solution has also been created for hospitals, clinics and the like. These soap dispensers are equipped with an elbow operated lever, perfect for avoiding contamination through the hands and at the same time with simple and immediate use.

Mar Plast has always been looking to the future and, thanks to this propensity, can offer products with the most advanced features. Among the most popular soap dispensers are those with automatic dispensing with sensors that recognize the movement of the hands. With these hi-tech features, those who use the dispenser can do it even more hygienically and avoid waste.

Our soap dispensers are built with certified quality material, designed to last long even with intensive use. Each soap dispenser is made of sturdy ABS plastic or stainless steel, incredibly resistant to wear. Mar Plast quality has always been guaranteed by rigorous controls. Mar Plast soap dispensers are the perfect combination of reliability, design and quality made in Italy. That’s why it’s worth it.