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Mar Plast tissue and glove dispenser: the essential is innovative

Mar Plast tissue and glove dispensers are the perfect solution for your business, with the guarantee of being able to satisfy your every need. Comfortable, discreet and practical, Mar Plast dispensers guarantee the perfect dispensing of tissues, tissues and gloves avoiding waste. Mar Plast is able to satisfy all needs thanks to the quality of the materials and the unmistakable design that distinguish the Made in Italy certification. With Mar Plast the essentiality of dispensers becomes innovative in the way they are designed.

Dispenser for gloves and tissues Functionality at hand

Mar Plast tissue and glove dispensers combine a modern design with a timeless durability, thanks to robust materials such as ABS, for functionality at your fingertips. The dispensers for tissue and gloves can be positioned on a table, a bench or a wall, in order to guarantee maximum versatility and ease of use. Mar Plast has made this possible thanks to an essential and innovative design at the same time. Essential because it is not cluttered and although fundamental, innovative because thanks to its design it can be used for other consumer products such as handkerchiefs, gloves or facial tissue. Depending on your need, you can recharge it at your convenience.

Quality disposable glove dispenser made in Italy

All Mar Plast products, such as tissue and glove dispensers, are entirely produced in Italy. With Mar Plast, the quality of Made in Italy never abandons you, even a simple gesture like taking a tissue. The dispenser for tissue and gloves can contain up to 100 pieces and is available in two color variations: white and chrome, to better match the environment.