Mar Plast first aid cabinet and cases: practical and indispensable

Mar Plast lockers and first aid cases are essential products for user safety. This type of product is in fact regulated by Annex 1 and 2 of the Ministerial Decree 388/2003 on safety. Mar Plast offers, also in this case, a wide range of products suitable for every type of need and every type of activity. The distinction on which the choice of these devices is based also varies according to the number of workers in a company, or the influx of people in a given location.

First Aid Products: Locker or Suitcase?

Based on the place and the influx of people inside, the security criteria change. This is why Mar Plast offers both the necessary solutions: lockers and first aid cases. The Mar Plast lockers and first aid cases have the necessary equipment within the law to medicate wounds and bruises such as plasters, gauze, bandages and disinfectant. There are also useful tools such as scissors, tweezers, tongue lifters, mouth openers, blood pressure monitors and thermometers.

Security is at your fingertips

Inserting a device useful in the first aid into your environment is important for the safety of workers and users who may need it. They also make the environment compliant with the law. Mar Plast lockers and first aid cases are designed for easy and quick use, while remaining discreetly in the environment. In fact, they can be positioned on the wall at the height that is considered most suitable or inside rooms used for rescue.