Mar Plast industrial roll dispenser: a model for every need

Mar Plast offers a wide range of industrial roll dispensers to satisfy every need and every environment. Floor, wall, stainless steel or plastic toilet roll dispensers, electronic dispensers and wall-mounted medical napkin holders are available. To all your needs, Mar Plast responds with the perfect solution for every use. The dispensers for industrial wall or free-standing rolls are equipped with a roll stop and serrated blade in the upper part, to allow efficient and waste-free use of paper.

Mar Plast professional paper roll holder easy to install

Mar Plast industrial roll dispensers are designed to perfectly adapt to the environment where their presence is needed. Not only bathrooms, but also production sites or medical clinics. Thanks to their simplicity of installation, wall-mounted or free-standing, guaranteed by the assembly kit included with each product, the dispensers will adapt to any type of use. The ease of refueling and the consequent practicality for the end user is also fundamental.

Versatility and technology for greater performance

Mar Plast industrial roll dispensers offer the advantage of being versatile. They can, in fact, be used with different types of rolls. They can be placed horizontally or vertically depending on the space and the way of use. The hacksaws in the upper part guarantee a precise and flawless tear. With the electronic industrial roll dispenser, Mar Plast offers a technological and environmentally friendly solution at the same time. The electronic dispenser also offers the possibility of even more precise paper dispensing thanks to the use of a photocell that perfectly doses the quantity of paper quickly and extremely hygienically.