Mar Plast pedal bin: order with a small gesture

In every bathroom there is an inevitable waste bin. For those services used for premises, shopping malls, restaurants or activities that involves a large influx of people, Mar Plast has thought of a solution ready to make the difference by designing pedal waste bins for kitchens, restaurants, bathrooms for offices and for any public activity. The bathroom is the business card for a local. Here customers evaluate the hygiene of the environment and decide whether it is appreciable or not. Mar Plast offers the ideal solution with pedal waste bins.

Pedal baskets: simple management and optimal results

Mar Plast pedal bins require simple handling, while still coping with consistent waste production. But one basket is never the same. Mar Plast pedal baskets are able to maintain order and hygiene in the environment without sacrificing aesthetics. Mar Plast offers a wide range of pedal baskets suitable for any type of need. From small rubbish bins to be placed inside the individual toilets, to the baskets for the collection of paper towels. With Mar Plast it is also possible to choose the material between ABS plastic and stainless steel, the shape and dimensions for an impeccable bathroom furniture.

Professional pedal waste bins for maximum hygiene and discretion

Mar Plast pedal bins offer the possibility of managing waste in a simple and hygienic way. With the plastic or metal pedals, the user can use the basket without touching the surface of an object already used by others in any way. Mar Plast pedal baskets have been designed so that stability during pedal operation avoids any type of overturning. All Mar Plast products boast materials that are resistant and durable over the years even with frequent use.