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Foam or liquid soap dispenser: convenience of Mar Plast models

At restaurants, shops, gyms, offices and, in general, in all public places that offer the possibility of using the toilets, it is necessary to equip these rooms with a series of basic accessories for hygiene, among which the soap dispenser.

Thanks to these accessories for public toilets, users will be able to effectively clean their hands before returning to their jobs and, to make this good habit pleasant, it is possible to equip the toilets with foam soap dispensers. or Mar Plast liquid, easy to use and with attention to detail.
The large and complete Mar Plast catalog offers different models of soap dispensers equipped with dispensing systems such as buttons or levers that, in addition to easy operation, offer the advantage of avoiding waste and accidental spills of detergent. To accessorise a public bathroom in a personalized way and to create a harmonious whole, the assortment of products includes wall-mounted soap dispensers of different shapes, colors and sizes that will adapt to any type of setting. For example, you can opt for the soap dispensers of the Inox Line, which offer all the elegance and strength of steel, for the Colored Edition models available in six different colors, or even for the range of dispensers of the Plus Line, in which modern design and performance go hand in hand.

In our catalog you will also find soap dispensers specially designed for places where hygiene must reach very high standards: this is the case, for example, of HACCP soap dispensers, with wall installation, designed for use in places used for the preparation of food such as the kitchens of bars, restaurants and restaurants.
Even more stringent are the hygiene requirements at hospitals, clinics and in all those places dedicated to health care: to meet these specific professional needs Mar Plast offers soap dispensers with elbow operated lever, practical bathroom accessories for hospitals that avoid possible contamination of the hands while ensuring an extremely simple and immediate use.

The automatic liquid soap dispensers are also particularly appreciated, equipped with sensors that recognize the movement of the hands near the dispenser: thanks to these hi-tech accessories, the user can obtain the detergent in a hygienic way and the controlled dispensing of the product will contribute to the reduction of waste.

Also from a purely managerial point of view, Mar Plast dispensers are characterized by exclusive advantages: first of all because, being able to choose between models with different capacities, it is possible to find the most suitable solution for both smaller toilets and more frequented toilets.

Since it is also equipped with a practical opening mechanism, each Mar Plast liquid soap dispenser can be easily refilled or refilled with detergent product, thus simplifying and speeding up the operations by the staff responsible for maintaining the toilets. The Mar Plast models available can be supplied with bulk liquid soap, refills in bags or practical cartridges, offering you the maximum choice.

Our dispensers are designed to last a long time, even in conditions of intensive use: each model of liquid soap dispenser is in fact made of sturdy ABS plastic or stainless steel, and equipped with wear-resistant mechanisms. Having passed rigorous quality controls, Mar Plast soap dispensers represent a convenient choice for accessorising public bathrooms with long-lasting and highly reliable products; all with the guarantee of Made in Italy.