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Mar Plast wastepaper baskets and umbrella stands for all needs.

The umbrella stands of different style and model capacities designed for all needs, will meet the expectations of your customers. Design reinvents them, giving such a functional and traditional object the most unexpected shapes, playing with the structure and volumes. The result will be discreet depending on the character you want to convey to your guests.

In toilets, both private and public, waste is inevitable; while in the home bathroom it is easy to deal with their “management”, the solutions to be put in place when talking about the toilets frequented by dozens, sometimes even hundreds of people every day, are much more complex. But there is no problem, because even in the most complex situations, Mar Plast design bathroom accessories make the difference.

To cope with the creation of waste and the need for its disposal, it is necessary to place wastepaper baskets in the bathrooms; but it is not enough to take any bin, put it in the toilet and consider the work done. On the contrary, the choice of baskets in the bathroom must be approached with a certain degree of attention and rationality, since the future decor, order and hygiene inside the toilets will depend on them.

Here are Mar Plast’s tips for finding the ideal product in every situation. First of all, it is good to consider the actual dimensions of these accessories; for example, small waste bins with a few liters of capacity can be placed inside the single toilet, which, among other things, can work perfectly in tandem with the wall-mounted toilet bag dispensers.

These products are well represented in the Mar Plast catalog, where you can find comfortable pedal rubbish bins in plastic or metal of different shapes and sizes; in these models, the operating precision of the lid opening mechanism goes hand in hand with the stability of the container, even when empty. Near the sinks, on the other hand, and especially if there are paper towel dispensers in the bathroom, the production of waste will take place in much higher volumes and therefore it will be necessary to place much larger and larger baskets.

Also in this case, in our large catalog, waste containers are available to meet every need, including models with wall installation or with a capacity greater than 50 liters. In addition to the dimensions, attention should also be paid to any accessories to be combined with the bins of a public bathroom. Opened baskets, for example, are really immediate to use, but have the disadvantage of presenting all their contents in plain sight: an aspect that may not please users of the toilet, as it is considered not very decent when the containers are always filling up more.

To improve the appearance of the bathroom and its overall order, it is possible to combine the wastepaper baskets with special lids that conceal what is contained inside them. Tilting or slotted, the Mar Plast lids are available for numerous models of bins and rubbish bins in the catalog and are designed to not pose any obstacle to the delivery of waste by the user.

Some of these lids also have specific colors for the differentiation of waste, and can be used with baskets in the bathroom or other rooms to entice users to correctly separate waste and thus take care of the environment. Speaking of separate collection, Mar Plast also offers practical waste separators – each with a different color – to be positioned in correspondence with the mouth of a single bin. Finally, among the accessories available in the catalog, please note the presence of practical bag holder rings that are easy to position and remove, which allow the plastic bag to always be kept in place, and special wall supports for baskets that allow you to place these accessories at the desired height