The Home Line, as its name suggests, is designed for domestic use but not only, also for Hôtellerie as an example, we thought of a bathroom, private or in a hotel, a suite elegantly furnished with refined accessories, but at the same time functional, durable and resistant. Like all Mar Plast products. The 100% Made in Italy construction ensures the perfect union between Design and Quality.

Accessories with chrome finishes, resistant and easy to clean but extraordinarily elegant supports, delightful containers with a shiny and metallic finish, practical wall or countertop soap dispensers with a refined design: a complete line to enrich the bathroom with elegant details, Precious and functional. The Home Line represents the luxury of combining comfort with aesthetic pleasure, to stand out with class and style as only a completely Made in Italy original Mar Plast product can guarantee.

Refilling soap dispenser: to add your favorite detergent

Free-standing Dous Dous model, contains up to 0.230 L of product, the Kalla model can be wall-mounted, and contains up to 0.170 L

They are both available in White, Satin and Chrome variants

Toilet paper dispenser: chrome finishes for an elegant and refined style

For horizontal or vertical wall mounting

Useful roll width: 100 mm

Bathroom accessories: soap holders, containers, hangers and towel rails

All characterized by a resistant material and a refined design, for hotel rooms, Hôtellerie or for the home, they accessorize the bathroom with functionality and class