Characterized by a high-grade steel (AISI 304), stainless and resistant, the Inox line contains products that are ideal for environments such as medical offices, clinical rooms, hospitals and healthcare facilities. Also suitable for environments where it is necessary use sturdy, stable dispensers made with anti-vandal material.

Refilling soap dispenser: electronic or lever, with attention to the smallest details.

A plus of the refill and fill soap dispensers of the Inox line: the anti-seize thermoplastic lock that avoids oxidation of the components even after repeated washing.

Cartridge soap dispenser: push-button and lever, for bottle or bag refills

For refills in Volflex Bag or 0.4 L – 0.8 L – 1 L capacity bottle

Paper towel dispenser: for interleaved or rolled paper

For C, V or Z interleaved paper, with a capacity from 200 to 400 sheets for the Towelinox model, but also for tear-off roll as in the Combinox model

To adapt to any environment and to never neglect the aesthetic side, some models of the Inox line are available in chromed, satin and white lacquered variants.

Industrial roll dispenser: with stand or wall mounted

All equipped with stainless steel frame, they are also available in White lacquered metal in Art. 521 and 522

The medical sheet holder in chromed steel is also in the same category, ideal for clinics and medical or veterinary practices.

Toilet paper dispenser, for rolls in Maxi and Mini format, for interleaved paper in the Toiletinox model

For small rooms, the Mini format is ideal, which can hold rolls with a maximum diameter of 220 mm, while the Maxi format reaches 280 mm.

Toilet paper dispenser, hygienic bags, gloves: essential material such as latex gloves or hygienic bags always at hand

For three sizes in the Trinox model or for four packs in the Quadrinox

Bathroom accessories: toilet brush holders and coat hangers

Thanks to its spring technology, the 805 Brush Wall X toilet brush holder allows you to extract and insert the toilet brush without ever touching the container, furthermore the wall mounting facilitates cleaning operations.

Waste paper baskets and umbrella stands: perforated processing ensures quick drying of umbrellas or wet objects

In stainless steel AISI 430, capacity: 27 L

Pedal bin

The Soft Close closure of the baskets ensures a soft and silent closure of the lid.

Available in stainless steel and white lacquered metal variants

Storage capacities of 3, 5, 12 and 20 L

Supports and Floor stands: a wide range of supports for dispensers and more

The 960 floor lamp allows you to create corners dedicated to hygiene and cleaning in a single product, thanks to its dedicated and multifunctional accessories.