The Kompatto Line is characterized by its compact and optimized shapes even for confined spaces, the dispensers of this line are very capacious but designed and built to be functional accessories and not bulky dimensions. Furthermore, the electronic dispensing technology in paper dispensers avoids the waste of the inserted product and guarantees more order and cleanliness in the environment.

Refilling soap dispenser: from 0.5 L to 0.8 L of containment capacity

The 776 and 778, K Soap 550 and K Soap 800 models are characterized by a thickness of only 8 cm, thus making them a perfect accessory even in smaller spaces

Cartridge soap dispenser: for disposable bag, cartridge or bottle

All equipped with a soft dispenser button, some models are available in the White, Chrome and Satin variants

Paper towel dispenser, for rolls max ø mm. 190×220 H

The electronic dispensing of the Kompatto Advan-e 875 allows a homogeneous distribution of the paper and without waste, it is also possible to adjust the dispensing to different sizes

Toilet paper dispenser: K200 Art. 832 per roll max ø mm. 240

Its MINI Jumbo format makes it suitable even in small toilets, available in the colors White and Satin

Dispenser rolls in fabric or TNT: their technology guarantees you an optimized consumption of the internal product and without waste

For rolls in cotton, polyester, fabric or TNT

Spray and gel diffusers – Toilet sanitizers

The 726 Kompatto Spray Sensor thanks to its internal electro-mechanism with timer at 7, 15 and 30 minutes, Night & Day photocell ensures an environment that is always delicately scented, you can forget you have it and get used to the pleasant fragrance distributed by your 726 Kompatto Spray Sensor.

Napkin dispenser, in various morphologies to adapt to any environment and use

Springs, Super and Mister Springs contain from 200 to 600 napkins (in the Mister Springs Art. 900 model), the turquoise/transparent color makes it aesthetically pleasing both in industrial catering environments and on tables and counters in bars