Soft lines and transparent coverings in turquoise shades represent the Lineacqualba, equipped with a wide range of dispensers, including the iconic 501, protagonist of commercials and mini-movies, bathroom accessories for ingenious solutions such as the Magic Dumbo 865, stool with Storage compartment, many accessories for bars and restaurants. The line also includes first aid products in practical removable cases or special cabinets, electronic towels and latest generation hairdryers, diffusers and sanitizers for aerosol environments. Lineacqualba is one of the most complete and rich lines of functional, practical and innovative accessories, a synthesis of our offer designed to give you the best in terms of choice and quality in every single product. A single name to represent our commitment to combining creativity with functionality, for a comfortable, design result that will give added value to your environments by responding to every need.

Refilling soap dispenser: push-button, lever or electronic

Here we find our iconic Soap Dispenser LA 500 Art. 501, watch here the mini-movie shot by Maestro Sorrentino with Clive Owen as the protagonist

Cartridge soap dispenser: for bottle or bag refills

The Elektro Foam C 500 and C 100 soap dispensers, Art. 771 and 772, thanks to their photodetector sensor, dispense the exact quantity of product avoiding direct contact with the dispenser and product waste.

Paper towel dispenser, in rolls, in interleaved or combined paper

The Lhever and Lhever T, Artt. 640 and 641 have a housing for a spare roll, the flap and the spare roll will be dragged by the roll that is running out, automatically preparing itself for correct use.

Industrial roll dispenser, enclosed, with stand, usable on the wall in support: versatile and sturdy

The fairing makes the dispensers suitable for HACCP hygiene regulations, moreover some models can be wall-mounted or used as a support, adapting to any space and change

Toilet paper dispenser, in roll or interleaved

Il Duetto, Art. 618 and Duetto T, Art. 619 can contain both toilet paper in interleaved sheets and a roll of max ø mm. 120×100 H

Toilet paper dispenser and hygienic bags

For Lady, Art. 584 for intercalated hygienic bags, small and discreet is a plus accessory that gives back to the toilet the merit of attention and attention to detail for every need

Bathroom accessories, stools, toilet brush holder and courtesy shell

Kitchen dispenser, for aluminum and film rolls

Accessories for bars and restaurants: cup holders, table baskets and napkin dispensers: every single product is designed to best accessorize your business

Watch the Movie of the table basket Art. 572, in its variants with and without lid, it represents a discreet, elegant and very useful accessory

Waste paper baskets and umbrella stands: baskets, lids and supports

From the lid Mini Madame Art. 883, a lark’s mouth to transform the rectangular basket into a container for diapers, to the support Art. 664 for the suspension of rectangular baskets: everything is designed to obtain maximum functionality and simplify cleaning and cleaning of the Environments

Pedal bin: from 6 to 100 L, roomy and sturdy

‘Narrow’, Art. 729 includes a compartment for deodorant tablets in its lofty lid in addition to the bag holder ring: an extra detail to make the bathroom even cleaner, fragrant and pleasant.

First aid products, first aid lockers and cases

Everything you need for initial rescue operations, mandatory in company activities, structures and public places

Electronic hand dryers and hairdryers: electric and super powerful

The Cusna electronic hand dryer, Art. 890, thanks to its powerful motor and the HEPA sanitizing filter, allows a quick and effective drying of hands

Rectangular and oval mirrors and shelves

Practical storage shelves in both plastic and glass go perfectly with the mirrors of the collection

The mirrors Art. 575 and Art. 940 can be used both vertically and horizontally

Spray and gel diffusers, toilet sanitizers

They deodorize effectively both in small and large spaces

The ‘Nube’ Nebulizer Art. 749 sanitizes the toilet bowl cover for extra safety on the hygienic quality in the bathrooms