100% Made in Italy: Certified Italian Quality

In a market where there is not always clarity on the actual origin of the products, Mar Plast has decided to protect its customers by equipping itself with Made in Italy 100% Certificate, a brand promoted by the Institute for the Protection of Italian Manufacturers, in order to safeguard the true Italian product, to offer consumers a guarantee of origin and quality.

In 2012, Mar Plast exceeded 100% of all the 6 control phases envisaged by the Institute regulation, which confirmed that Mar Plast products are:

1. Designed by Italian designers and engineers;
2. Made with quality materials of first choice;
3. Composed of semi-finished products made in Italy;
4. Products according to traditional Italian craftsmanship;
5. Made with models and exclusive projects of the Mar Plast company;
6. Buildings in compliance with hygiene and safety regulations.