Commercial Bathroom Accessories

We have occupied and still do to this day, a leading role in having gained and consolidated decades worth of experience in the sector. Founded in 1968 in Rio Saliceto, the Mar Plast company was able to conquer the national market first and was able to move onto the international scene. This was due to the constructive quality and the continuous degree of innovation, as well as the refinement of its accessories for public bathrooms of type professional.

A feature common to all the commercial bathroom accessories that bear the Mar Plast brand is the focus on functionality. This means that every dispenser is designed to maximise the convenience of use – whether it’s pressing the button of a liquid soap dispenser, tearing the desired amount of product from a paper towel dispenser, or even using the electronic versions.

We are a renowned manufacturer of commercial bathroom accessories, carefully designing all its dispensers and accessories so that they can be easily refilled or topped up with consumables, while offering a high level of safety. This applies, for example, to soap dispensers and toilet paper dispensers as well as and disposable towel dispensers that are equipped with key locking mechanisms. In order to streamline and save your staff’s time in toilets, these accessories for public bathrooms are provided with transparent inserts that allow an immediate visual check of the toilet paper or paper towel that is remaining.

Furthermore, by choosing Mar Plast products, the buyer can count on a complete set of components and spare parts that are easy to find and assemble and will extend the life of the dispensers over time, thus making the initial purchase even more convenient and prudent.

In this regard, remember that the toilet dispensers produced by the company arealready equipped with an excellent starting point in terms of durability and robustness due to the carefully selected materials they are made out of.
We proudly use ABS plastic (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene), a widely appreciated thermoplastic polymer used for the construction of objects that must meet specific lightness requirements, as well as high levels of strength and impact resistance. Many of the bathroom accessories designed by Mar Plast are made of ABS. This material is further enhanced by the Soft Touch finish giving the product a pleasant softness when felt, which is not usually found in other products.

Looking for something hardier? We also offer our products in a robust stainless-steel material which are perfect for bathrooms that are frequented more and where wear and tear is a looming possibility. In that case, take a look at our Inox Line which includes liquid soap dispensers with cartridge or filling refills, paper waste baskets, detergents dispensers with elbow-operated levers for health facilities, as well as numerous other bathroom accessories. The stainless-steel material is available in the variants – a fine polished or satin finish.

The carefully selected materials, the attention to the smallest details dedicated during the design and development of each product, the cutting-edge technologies used for production and the profound skills in industrial design reflect how Mar Plast commercial bathroom accessories are at an international level. Build quality, outstanding practicality and durability have allowed these elite products to conquer the markets of 45 countries around the world.
On top of all this, we offer the guarantee of all our products being made in Italy. For more than 40 years, every single production phase takes place at the Rio Saliceto plant, thus making each of the design of each bathroom accessory truly ‘Mar Plast’.