We want to tell you about a story of courage and rebirth: Federico Massimi went through a terrible period due to Covid, he passed through the dark tunnel and which perhaps at times seemed hopeless, without a ray of light and came out stronger ( Even more?) than before! Together with his family he reinvented himself, he built a new business: a glue to reattach all the pieces of a mosaic that was in danger of shattering, an anchor for his whole family and Not least, a glue to remain attached to life that despite everything, gives us moments of pure beauty, of sharing, of joy, of light.Like a phoenix rising from the ashes Federico has shown that one can react, that one must also have a pinch of creativity, intuition and courage (and maybe a little madness too).

In his pastry shop the passion is tangible, and we, we admit, are really proud and happy to be there at least a little, at least in a few square centimeters, but the only idea that every day these extraordinary people use our dispenser Of this beautiful story of hope and trust makes us really proud! And it pushes us to always look forward and never stop improving!

The dispenser in the photo is 636: industrial paper roll dispenser, Lineacqualba collection

From all of us a warm thanks to Federico and his family and

A big good luck for your splendid business: La Forneria di Nonna Mirella