Colored Bathroom Accessories

Colourful bathroom accessories with an irresistible design by Mar Plast

«Colour is a power that directly influences the soul»: with these words, the famed Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky expressed his relationship with colours, underlining their importance and their extraordinary ability to inspire our daily existence.

Perhaps a notion that art lovers may appreciate is that there is nothing better than the coloured bathroom accessories of our Coloured Edition range to bring joy, beauty and emotions to the interior of a public toilet that would otherwise be considered ordinary.  There are six colour variations with which we have created our designer bathroom accessories. Let's discover them in detail. A symbol of cleanliness, the white colour is the right choice for those who need to set up a public toilet with the aim of giving it a hygienic and bright appearance. This colour also has the advantage of helping to make the rooms look larger and more spacious than they are.


At the opposite end of the Coloured Edition spectrum we find black – a colour with an undoubtedly elegant and refined look, making it lend itself well to the creation of design settings. These colourful bathroom accessories in museums, offices, gyms or other public places can also be utilised to create pleasing contrasts or to match with other furnishings.

According to the principles of the so-called psychology of colours, there are shades that have the advantage of instilling a sense of friendliness and hospitality: this is the case of brown, another colour of the Coloured Edition range that may be a choice to set up a restaurant with appropriate accessories or a hotel business, places where the client must feel at ease and in maximum comfort.. Perfect in the look of bathroom accessories for beauty farms or wellness centres, the products in the green shade of the Coloured Edition range can evoke feelings of calm, tranquillity and naturalness –maybe even improve one's psychological well-being.

A decidedly original variant that will make a great impression in any toilet is undoubtedly the colour orange. An indication of optimism, openness and communication, this colour will be a perfect choice for bathroom accessories in any office or another kind of work place because it can instil positive feelings in employees and managers – benefiting productivity. Finally, we have blue – a shade that has the advantage of adapting to the most diverse styles of interior design. It also lends to the viewer a sense of tranquillity and relaxation without forgoing creativity.

In addition to its all-encompassing nature, the accessories of the Coloured Edition line also have the benefit of providing everything needed to set up public toilets, regardless of the place or activity they serve. Our products include both liquid and foam soap dispensers as well as toilet paper dispensers that are electronic with a photocell sensor, and more.

You can also place beautifully coloured bathroom baskets with customisable lids if necessary, completing the whole aesthetic of the bathroom.

You can also purchase colourful bathroom accessories for individual toilets. We offer everything you need, starting with the dispensers for toilet paper available in different models (for standard rolls, for large rolls or for interleaved sheets). In addition to this we also carry different kinds of toilet brush holders, toilet seat cover as well as sanitary bag dispensers so you can add that extra factor of attention to detail.

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