Colourful Bathroom Dispensers

Bring more fun to the bathroom with colourful bathroom dispensers.

It is always worth making feasible small adjustments to make a public toilet transform into an aesthetically pleasing place, where the various details of the setting are pleasant to look at.

It is possible to improve a customer’s perception of the bathrooms in a shop, office or any other public place with colourful bathroom accessories by Mar Plast. Our popular Coloured Edition changes even the most anonymous of toilets into an environment that portrays a sense of creativity, joy and attention to detail. The Coloured Edition range of accessories and toilet dispensers offers complete solutions for setting up public toilets in six different colours: a classic white, green, brown and blue as well as an elegant black and a cheerful orange.


Our colourful bathroom dispensers includes both foam and liquid soap dispensers, which can be easily supplied and allows an optimal dosage of the detergent product, thanks to the precise and waste-free dispensing mechanisms that our products are equipped with. Next to any wall-mounted soap dispenser it is possible to install another product in the same colour or in another shade in order to create a pleasant contrast.

Furthermore, next to the sinks you can place dispensers for facial tissues and even have trash cans that match. If necessary, you can utilise colour covers that conceal garbage cans in order to make the toilets appear even more tidy. 

Products in the Coloured Edition can make a difference in terms of style and practicality. For example, toilet seat dispensers make a toilet more hygienic. Dispensers for hygienic bags also adds to this purpose – especially in female toilets.

All of our coloured dispensers are made of sturdy plastic (ABS), and they are easily installed on the walls due to the dowels and screws included in each package. To further guarantee reliability, Mar Plast offers all the necessary spare parts when needed. But the perks of Coloured Edition products certainly do not end there. Each of the products is, in fact, characterized by an exclusive Soft Touch finish, which gives these accessories an extremely pleasant sensation – smooth and soft to the touch.

In addition to being original in terms of colour and materials, the products of the Coloured Edition line also boast a refined design. Just take a look to see the modern lines care put into expression style. These factors will satisfy even the needs of the most demanding customers looking for solutions to accessorize public toilets which will not go unnoticed.

The potential of all our products are vast, as well as all being strictly made in Italy.
Our bathroom schools should be memorable. Children and young people have a spontaneous predilection towards bright colours, so choosing accessories of this nature will allow you to set up the toilets taking into account their tastes. Moreover, the fun colours can encourage children to wash and dry their hands before leaving the bathroom, thus promoting a good habit that is fundamental for hygiene and health.

Furthermore, colour can work well in wellness centres or spas. People go to these places with the specific intent to relax and regenerate. Our colourful bathroom dispensers can help instil a sense of well-being.

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