Modern Bathroom Accessories

Mar Plast’s modern bathroom accessories – where design is king.

Once the main elements of the bathroom have been developed – flooring, wallpaper, hardware and so on – it is time to identify the accessories that will complement and enrich the setting.

Even if picking and choosing a bathroom’s accessories usually takes place during the end of its design process, one should not be led to think that it is a marginal decision. It is precisely the details that make a difference in public toilets. Our refined and contemporary bathroom accessories will help make that difference – making toilets comfortable for your customers and guaranteeing the highest levels of hygiene.


Mar Plast’s bathroom dispensers and accessories are strictly designed, developed and produced in Italy, as the historic headquarters in Rio Saliceto. This, in itself, represents a guarantee of quality and attention to detail. We are considerate that each product is made with carefully selected materials such as ABS plastic and stainless steel – both designed to be long-lasting.

Those wishing to set up a public toilet in a classic and elegant style can, for example, could opt for the products of the Lineacqualba line, available in both entirely white as well as transparent variants. These products are known for their exceptional practicality as well as hygiene, making them a perfect fit for hospitals and clinics, as well as offices and restaurants.

Analogous to its name, our Prestige line stands out in terms of aesthetics and modernity. Ideal for multiple uses, products from this line can be installed in bathrooms of hotels, bars, or offices. This line also carries soap dispensers capable of dispensing in both soap and liquid form.

If you’re looking for something more vibrant and fun, take a look at our Coloured edition line. These modern bathroom accessories are available in six different colours – orange, black, green, white, brown and blue – all designed to satisfy the viewer. All of our coloured products are made with a “Soft Touch” finish, which makes them pleasantly soft to the touch.

Along the lines of focus towards tactile sensation, we also have our Skin line – a range that embodies the best of contemporary style and technology. The products of this range are characterised by polished minimalism and elegant colours such as white and titanium grey. This line also boasts high-tech solutions such as the sensor-automated paper towel dispenser that dispenses paper towels with the wave of your hand.
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