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Mar Plast’s electric hand dryers – hygiene and practicality for drying your hands

The options of hand drying have diversified along the years along with the advancement of technology. In the past, there were only disposable paper towel dispensers, but now, you very often see the presence of electric hand dryers and electric paper towel dispensers. We started back in 1968, which gives us a notable amount of experience in the bathroom accessories. Mar Plast has witnessed first-hand the developments made in this industry throughout the years, so our experts know exactly what users are looking for when they are washing and dying their hands.


Due to the set of knowledge and experience gained in the field, Mar Plast has created a complete range of electrically operated paper towel dispensers as well as automatic hand dryers that will allow the brand to better meet the expectations of both the purchaser and the end user.

Available in a varied and complete range of models, colours and functionality, Mar Plast’s commercial hand dryers are perfect for public bathrooms of any size or influx of users, as they’re all equipped with powerful jets of hot air, allowing you to get rid of residual moisture on the skin in no time. Perfect drying should run hand in hand with hygiene, since dirt and germs on the dry skin tend to not stick as much as it does on wet skin, which almost acts as an adhesive.

Just take a look at our catalogue of products, and you will see that we have taken into consideration the modern and appealing aesthetics of each of our electric hand dryers.

Just consult the catalog of Mar Plast products to let yourself be conquered by the modern and appealing aesthetics of each of its electric devices for drying hands. Our Lineacqualba line, for example, offers electronic models in stainless steel with a satin or white lacquered finish, equipped with a photocell that accurately captures any movement near the air outlet port, which allows the user to activate the machine with just a wave of the hand.Along with the distinguished features common to all electric hand drying devices, our products are in complete compliance with industry regulations and CE approval. The high power of these devices is combined with an appreciable noise level, which guarantees acoustic comfort even in the smaller bathroom. Moreover, savings are guaranteed due to a lower amount of electricity consumption.

Finally, from a purely technical point of view, it should be noted that the installation of Mar Plast electric dryers on the wall is simple and that, if necessary, the buyer can count on the full availability of components and spare parts for any product.
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