Accessories for Public Bathrooms

Public Bathroom Equipment

Public Bathroom accessories with excellent design and functionality, designed by Mar Plast
Traditionally, public toilets were considered to be places to satisfy practical needs, and users only stayed for the amount of time necessary. Today, however, toilets are being designed to create a more sophisticated atmosphere along with attention to detail.
They are increasingly seen as places that need to be looked after, be aesthetically pleasing and equipped with ergonomic accessories. This is why it is necessary make smart choices regarding the placement of foam or liquid soap dispensers, electric towels, bathroom baskets and all the other toilet dispensers.Mar Plast offers everything you need to achieve this goal and allow the development of bathrooms that are pleasant to enter. One may even choose to linger a little longer than necessary, adoring a pleasant setting with attention paid towards design.


Feel free to browse our complete range of public bathroom accessories for hotels and other accommodation facilities that make beautiful and functional toilets for both public and private use. It is clever consider that bathrooms of a hotel are by no means a secondary aspect when judging the quality of the stay as a whole.

You can also find with us public bathroom accessories for museums and exhibition centres that, with their design, make the visit even more enjoyable. For instance, the Lineacqualba line boasts elegance and refinement, and therefore making its products ideal for art centres. that, even with the appearance of their toilets, want to live up to their expectations even the most demanding visitors and lovers of beauty.

In the wide and rich catalogue of Mar Plast solutions are also soap dispensers for the office, perfect for setting up toilets in the workplace. They can create a professional more enjoyable, consequently to contributing to employee satisfaction and productivity. Also, a part of the Lineacqualba line are also products used generally in business contexts, such as the towel dispensers with industrial coils, customizable paper towel baskets with lids and separators to promote separate collection, as well as first aid cabinets – just to name a few.

Parallel to the care given by the experienced designers of Mar Plast towards design is the attention paid towards the issues concerning functionality. All public bathroom equipment, including dispensers, made of ABS plastic or stainless steel, are designed to last for a long time, as well as simple to use as much by the user as for the personnel involved in toilet maintenance.
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