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Choose the ideal commercial paper towel dispenser for your bathroom.
It always recommended, along with to washing your hands with water and soap after using a toilet, to also dry them carefully. Moist or wet skin, in fact, tends to attract germs and dirt, negating the purpose of using soap. For this reason, the fundamental action of hand drying should never be neglected. Mar Plast offers a complete range of accessories for public bathrooms that allows you to fully meet this need.


Mar Plast’s commercial paper towel holders will adapt perfectly to any kind of use thanks to the simplicity of the wall installation, as each product comes with an assembly kit. The process of refuelling the product also comes with ease, maximising the level of practicality for the user.

Let’s take a look, in detail, the types of accessories available. One of them would be our classic pre-cut and interfolded paper towel dispensers, which allows the user to pull out a paper towel with a single gesture. These commercial paper towel dispensers offer the advantage of being able to be used in accordance with any kind of paper towels, like "C" or "Z" interleaved sheets.

If the bathroom at hand experiences a big influx of people on a daily basis, the most convenient solution could be to install commercial paper towel roll dispensers. Mar Plast products are compatible with different formats and are provided with saws that allow a precise and flawless tear. In addition to this, we also offer models for rolls that are arranged horizontally, as well as models where the paper towel roll is placed vertically.

Thanks to Mar Plast, it is possible to bring a touch of technology to toilets, and this is done by means of the automatic cut towel dispensers of the Kompatto line, where the paper is cut at a precise point, encouraging the reduction of waste. If you are looking for something more modern, take a look at the electronic version of the same line, equipped with aphotocell sensor that causes toilet paper to come out in the right quantity, quickly and hygienically.

Proper hand hygiene is a good habit that you learn from an early age, and Mar Plast’s "Coloured Edition" commercial paper towel holders, along with the other colourful bathroom accessories of this cheerful range of products, are ideal for attracting attention, encouraging children to use them. In addition to the accessories for the schools' bathrooms, our whole range of products – all made in Italy – includes paper towel dispensers ideal for offices, bars, restaurants, gyms and many other public places. This versatility is seen in our elegant Skin line.

Among the solutions available for supplying paper towels in toilets, we would also like to introduce products of the Prestige line – made with robust materials and refined lines. Whatever product you are looking for, the commercial paper towel dispenser that is right for you is already waiting for you in the Mar Plast catalogue.
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