Thanks to an innovative technology the plastic waste obtained from product processing are recycled in a new plastic pellet in order to produce new dispensers:

an advanced recycling way that reduces the environmental impact starting from the creation of product self.


  • Recycled plastic pre-consumer: all waste from plastic processing are regenerated setting up new products; for residues we do not mean just the necessary parts at the initial phase of production but also deriving from small inaccuracies during the realization.


  • Reuse of processing waste: thanks to this innovative technology, product processing scraps is reused to create a new plastic granulate qualitatively comparable to first use plastic pellet.


  • Shared and collective management: in order to obtain a sufficient amount of pre-package waste we also recover plastic by-products from other companies.


Innovative recycling and production technologies, a modern and design eco-addicted collection

100% Made in Italy


By the sea: inspired to REplast  color, a refined turquoise with elegant glass texture


891 Replast

Soap dispenser

Available both filling and charging with cartridge

For soap (Art. 891) or Foam (Art. 894)

Dispenser button ‘Easy to Push’ also thought for people with sensory and motor difficulties

Soap Dispenser REplast

Paper towel dispenser

For interleaded paper or rolls

Maxi and mini jumbo formats fitting to all environments

Paper towel Dispenser
695 Replast
588 Replast

Toilette paper dispenser

For rolls or interfolded paper

The cover in the characteristic turquoise color enriches the environment with elegance

Toilette paper Dispenser

Other accessories

Litter bin with ‘Hidden’ lid, toilet paper dispenser and wall-mounted toilet brush holder

Functional and design details


Other accessories REplast
662 Replast

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