Futuristic and captivating design for the Skin Line which offers a complete range of accessories including soap dispensers, paper, baskets and supports.

All strictly present in the four iconic color variants of this line:

Fluo, with the addition of silver ions that make the dispenser less attackable by germs and bacteria, find out more here

Carbon, an elegant slightly satin black

Titanium, more than a satin gray but an intense and sophisticated anthracite color

White, classic and timeless for an essential design

Filling soap dispenser: from DUO WASHROOM with dual functionality to electronic dispensers that ensure maximum hygiene

DUO WASHROOM distributes both soap and paper towels, available in the Soap variant for liquid soap and Foam for foam soap, 2 in 1, saves space and multiplies the usefulness

Find out more about electronic dispensers on the dedicated page

Electronic or push-button Cartridge soap dispenser

The E-Skin Grit C, Art. 932 has been designed for hand washing paste, thanks to its internal technology it can dispense a dense and pasty material without directly touching the dispenser as it is equipped with a photo sensor.

Paper towel dispenser, electronic with automatic cut, pull-out or for interleaved paper

Advan Art.885 is activated by a capacitive sensor, delivers by electronic traction and allows different delivery parameters

The Roll Box Mini Skin Art. 932 with central extraction allows you to distribute disposable TNT masks, in case of emergency or to further protect your mask.

Toilet paper dispenser, from DUO TOILET with dual functionality to dispensers in MAXI and MINI formats

The Duo Toilet Art. 921 includes the toilet paper dispenser (in roll or in sheets) and the toilet brush holder, a 2 in 1 that combines practicality with modern and captivating design

Art. 907 and Art. 908 for toilet paper roll are characterized by the MINI size of 907 and MAXI of 908, to adapt to all spaces and needs.

Bathroom accessoires

Art. 929 bathroom brush holder with wall mounting: facilitates cleaning operations and accessories the bathroom with style

Waste paper baskets and umbrella stands: Art. 740 with Hidden lid and patented Hide Bag

With Hidden cover to hide the view of the contents

Capacity 23 L

Equipped with a patented ‘Bag hide’ to contain the edges of the inner bag and to obtain a clean and always tidy appearance of the bin

Can be placed on the wall (fixing support included) or on the floor

Supports and uprights: Art. 942, counter or wall mounted, supports compatible dispensers

Its pedestal also functions as a drip saucer

Its small size makes it a perfect object also to be placed on tables in offices, workplaces and more