Commercial Bathroom Tissue Dispenser

The Mar Plast commercial bathroom dispensers – a complete range for every need Public toilets always represent an important aspect of any business, whether it be the bathrooms of a company or the toilets of a restaurant or museum.

You can rely on the extensive Mar Plast product catalogue that offers a range of high quality commercial bathroom dispensers and equips any bathroom with the components needed to ensure that the user experience is absolutely positive.An integral part of public bathrooms is undoubtedly the bathroom tissue dispenser – a wall-mounted accessory that provides toilet paper whenever it is needed. Mar Plast brand products stand out for their wide range. We offer high capacity models that are compatible for larger reels as well as normal more practical sheet dispensers that are interspersed.

With Mar Plast, therefore, solutions are available for every practical need, from bathroom accessories for a restaurant with a reduced number of seats to those for larger offices, as well as museums, hotels, fairs and exhibition centres.

Furthermore, you can install optional accessories in most bathrooms whose presence will represent a clear and tangible testimony towards the dedicated attention for the user.Toilet seat cover dispensers, for example, is a toilet accessory whose presence will not go unnoticed by hygiene-loving users. These dispensers, well represented in the Mar Plast catalogue, provide practical disposable sheets of paper that make the use of public toilets even safer and cleaner. The particular shape of these containers for water covers allows to quickly perform the periodic supply and, at the same time, allows users of the bathroom to easily take the necessary product.

In a well-designed toilet, you cannot miss the Mar Plast sanitary bag dispensers that, like the two previously mentioned accessories, are easily installed on the wall near the toilet. The product comes with an assembly kit with screws and plugs. We also offer containers that dispense toilet bags. These products are particularly appreciated by the female toilet users, who can use them to discard their sanitary items.

Among the manufacturers of Italian bathroom accessories, Mar Plast is one of the companies that offers the widest range of all these accessories for a bathroom. This is reflective in our product lines that come available in different types of material such as ABS plastic (white or coloured) and stainless steel with a glossy or satin finish.

Great care, naturally, is dedicated to the design of these products, which with their style will be able to enhance every type of toilet while fitting in. For example, the Lineacqualba toilet seat dispensers are perfect for bathrooms where elegance is the priority, while the Coloured Edition range of hygiene bags dispensers will prove perfect for creating a more informal atmosphere.