Commercial Waste Paper Bins

More tidiness and cleanliness in public toilets with Mar Plast’s waste paper bins.

In toilets, both private and public, it is inevitable for waste to be produced. Your bathroom at home may be easier to take care of than any public bathroom due to the less people frequenting it. Even in the most complex public bathroom situations, however, do not despair as our bathroom accessories will make a beneficial difference.

In order to cope with the creation of waste and the need for its disposal, it is necessary to have in place the suitable bins that get the work done. One must consider the practicalities as well as the design elements, which we can also fulfil. The designs of our bathroom bins have a notable degree of attention to detail and have been crafted to look aesthetically pleasing. Read on to see some of our tips to help you identify the ideal product in every situation

Firstly, it is good to consider the actual dimensions of our accessories as well as the space you are working with. We offer products of every size – from roomier pedal bins in plastic or metal to smaller, more simple waste paper bins in these models. The precision of the lid opening mechanism goes hand in hand with the stability of each waste paper bin – even when empty.

The commercial bathroom waste receptacles near the sinks will probably experience more waste generated than those in individual toilet stalls, so it will be necessary to place baskets there that are larger. Take a look at our models that can fir more than 50 litres.

In addition to the consideration of dimensions, one should also think about the waste paper bin type. For example, open baskets make it easier for the user to dispose of waste but may be unappealing in terms of how their content will always be in plain sight.

To improve the appearance of a bathroom and its overall order, contemplate the possibility of combining open baskets with ones with lids. Either way, our waste paper bins are designed not to pose any obstacles to the user’s waste disposal.

Some of these lids also have specific colours for the differentiation of waste and can be used with baskets in the bathroom or other environments to encourage the user to properly separate waste, and ultimately caring for the environment. Along the lines of separate waste collection, Mar Plast also offers practical waste separators – each with a different colour.Finally, among the accessories available in the catalogue, we remind you of the presence of practical bag hoops that are easy to position and remove, which allow you to keep the plastic bag in place and desired height.