Wellness and Spas

Taking care of your body and, with it, of your mind is one of the main objectives of those who choose to “reward themselves” by indulging in a beauty farm for a few hours. It is inevitable that, during the period spent in the structure, customers will need to use the bathroom, but what kind of environment will they find themselves in front of?

To ensure that the experience of high caliber offered by the wellness center is supported by an equal quality of sanitary facilities it is necessary to carefully choose the bathroom accessories for the beauty farm, having the foresight to focus above all on two characteristics: practicality and style.

The assortment of Mar Plast public bath accessories is rich in both, created entirely in Italy starting from long-lasting and long-lasting materials, simple and hygienic to use and, at the same time, made with great attention to design. In this section it is possible to discover the range of Mar Plast proposals and its many strengths.

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