Electric hand/hair driers

Discover Mar Plast range of electric hand and hair dryers exclusively designed for public toilets, hotels, gyms and swimming pools. Available in different models, colors and functionalities.

The solutions designed to dry hands in public bathrooms continue to change over the years: from the disposable paper towel dispensers of the past to contemporary electric hand dryers, which complement or replace other types of toilet accessories. An almost similar story concerns wall-mounted hairdryers: in the past decades there has been a slow but progressive implementation of these accessories in the dressing rooms of gyms and swimming pools or hotel rooms which has improved customer satisfaction exponentially. Boasting an experience in the bathroom accessories sector that began in 1968, Mar Plast has witnessed the evolutions that have characterized this production area over the decades.

Thanks to know-how and experience gained in the field, Mar Plast has designed a complete assortment of electrical hand dryers and wall-mounted hair dryers that make it possible to better meet the expectations of both the buyer and the end user. Available in a full range of designs, colors and features, these products are perfect for public bathrooms of any size or influx of users. The powerful jets of hot air eliminates moisture in a short time, ensuring uniform drying.

Mar Plast product boasts a modern and captivating aesthetic: Lineacqualba line offers electronic models in stainless steel with a satin or white lacquered finish, equipped with a photocell that accurately picks up every movement near the air outlet. The high power of these devices is combined with an appreciable silence, which guarantees good conditions of acoustic comfort even in the smallest bathroom facilities; furthermore, savings are guaranteed thanks to low electricity consumption. Compliant with industry regulations and with CE approval, the entire Mar Plast offer boasts simple wall installation and all models, if necessary, are equipped with components and spare parts.


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