Toilet brushes and other accessories

Wall-mounted toilet brush holders, coat hangers, storage compartment and other commercial bathroom accessories, 100% Made in Italy. Available in different models, shapes and colors. Discover the products!

Bathroom fixtures, flooring, wall coverings and furnishings: once the main elements of the bathroom have been fine-tuned, it is time to identify the accessories that will complete and enrich the setting. Uniqueness is the Mar Plast trademark. We believe that toilets must be recognizable and original and, for this reason, we design modern and  colorful accessories that combine style and quality. Whether it’s toilet brush holders, coat hangers, glove boxes or other bathroom accessories, versatility and resistance are characteristics common to all categories of Mar Plast products.

In public toilets, it is necessary to take care of the aesthetic choices and accessories placement to facilitate movement and bathrooms usual activities. If it is, for example, a common toilet or a bathroom in individual rooms, Mar Plast offers a complete range of accessories for hotels and other accommodation facilities. Among our products it is also possible to find accessories for the bathroom of museums and exhibition centers that offer a refined design in line with the context. Lineacqualba line, for example, is ideal for museums and art centers which, by means of their toilets too, wish to live up to the expectations of even the most demanding visitors. In addition, Mar Plast accessories, designed, developed and produced in Italy, guarantee the exceptional quality of ABS plastics and stainless steel, selected with extreme attention.


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