Cartridge soap dispensers

Are you looking for a modern and functional liquid soap dispenser for your local toilet? Discover our range of cartridge soap dispensers, designed to adapt to any premises!

Mar Plast cartridge soap dispensers are the perfect solution for a modern and efficient public toilette. Strong and functional, they have been designed to adapt perfectly to different types of premises: from catering activities to shops, from gyms to offices and in all public establishments equipped with toilets.

Among the essential accessories for personal hygiene in public services, the soap dispenser is certainly a key element and our dispensers have been designed precisely to make a fundamental action for hygiene easy and functional. Washing your hands will become a pleasant habit even outside the home!

Mar Plast offers a wide range of soap dispensers to meet any need.

Our catalog offers different models equipped with different dispensing systems, both with electronic and no-touch functioning, and manual with buttons or levers, but always easy to use. Simple and essential but with attention to detail, they are available in different shapes, colors and sizes and adapt to any type of environment.

The material also makes a difference, both in style and performance. Mar Plast offers, in addition to the classic plastic dispensers, a stainless steel line particularly appreciated for its elegance and robustness.

We have also designed soap dispensers that comply with HACCP standards for all those places where hygiene must reach very high standards, such as the kitchens of bars and restaurants, but also the premises of hospitals and medical or veterinary clinics.

Mar Plast soap dispensers are the perfect combination of reliability, design and made in Italy quality. Our company has always been looking to the future and, thanks to this inclination, it can offer products with the most advanced technologies. Among the most popular soap dispensers there are those with automatic dispensing with sensors that recognize the movement of the hands.

Mar Plast quality has always been guaranteed by rigorous controls.


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