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Among Italian manufacturers of bathroom accessories, Mar Plast has a leading role considering its decades of experience in the sector. Founded in 1968 in Rio Saliceto (Reggio Emilia), the company has been able to succeed in the national market and then the international scene, thanks to the construction quality and the focus on accessories innovation and improvement for professional public toilets.

A common feature to all design bathroom accessories that contribute to the success of these products, is the attention to functionality. This means that each dispenser is designed to maximize the usability: whether it is pressing the button of a liquid soap dispenser, tearing the desired amount of product from a paper towel dispenser or using electric hand dryers to dry hands, all Mar Plast products are designed to satisfy users’ needs.

However, this does not mean that workers operational needs are neglected. Mar Plast carefully designs all its dispensers so that they can be easily refilled or replaced, while offering high safety. This occurs, for instance, for soap dispensers, paper toilet dispensers and cloth towel dispensers that are equipped with tamper-proof locking mechanisms. Always in order to ease staff working activities, these accessories for public toilets are equipped with transparent inserts that allow an immediate visual check of the residual quantities.

Furthermore, by choosing Mar Plast products, the customer will be able to count on a complete series of components and spare parts – easy to find and to assemble – which will allow to extend dispensers life over time, making the initial purchase even more convenient.

Linea Skin

Quality and durability for a 100% made in Italy product

Mar Plast accessories and dispensers stand out for their durability and robustness, thanks to the selected materials. An excellent resource for the production of these professional accessories for public bathrooms is ABS plastic (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene), a thermoplastic polymer widely appreciated and used for the creation of objects that must meet precise requirements of lightness and, at the same time, of rigidity and resistance.

Mar Plast also has stainless steel solutions to accessorize bathrooms and public places that are highly frequented, where the appearance is a crucial aspect.

The carefully selected raw materials, the attention to the smallest details dedicated to product design and development, the cutting-edge technologies used for the production and industrial design skills represent the key for successful accessories. Mar Plast bathroom at an international level: construction quality, practicality and durability have allowed these elite products to conquer the markets of 50 countries all over the world.

Products are entirely designed, developed and produced in Italy; for more than 40 years every single production phase has been carried out at the Rio Saliceto plant, thus making each of the Mar Plast designer bathroom accessories a true expression of Made in Italy excellence.

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