Toilet seat covers & sanitary bag dispensers

Sanitary bags and toilet seat covers dispensers for public bathrooms. Available in ABS plastic (white or colored) or stainless steel. Discover the complete range!

Public toilets always represent an important business card, whether they are the bathrooms of a commercial activity or the toilets of an office, restaurant, exhibition center or other popular place. It is therefore important to identify the right accessories to ensure a positive user experience.

In this regard, Mar Plast offers a range of optional dispensers for toilets that represent a clear and tangible demonstration of the attention shown towards users.

First of all, the toilet cover paper dispenser, a toilet accessory whose presence will not go unnoticed by users who are more focused on hygiene issues. These dispensers provide practical disposable sheets of paper that make the use of toilets placed in public restrooms even safer and more hygienic; the particular design of these containers for toilet seats allows them to be replenished quickly and, at the same time, allows the users of the bathroom to easily remove the product.

In addition, in a well-finished toilet, hygienic bag dispensers cannot be missing, which can be easily installed on the wall near the toilet thanks to the mounting kit with screws and plugs included in the product. Sanitary bags dispensers provide consumable products particularly appreciated by female users who can discard their waste discreetly.

The dispensers of sanitary bags can be combined with waste paper baskets located in proximity: after having taken the bag and put your waste in it, you need the opportunity to throw everything away immediately and discreetly. Furthermore, all these accessories have a good capacity, but with a small footprint: for this reason, they are also ideal for less spacious toilets.

The large offer of Mar Plast is represented by its product lines available in different materials such as ABS plastic (white or colored) and stainless steel with a glossy or satin finish. It goes without saying that great care is also dedicated to the design of the products that will be able to enhance every type of toilet: for example, the toilet seat dispensers of the Lineacqualba Line are perfect for elegant bathrooms, while the dispensers of hygienic bags of the Colored Edition range are ideal to create informal and original settings.


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