Characterized by a modern and captivating style, the Skin Line stands out for its unique and contemporary design, accessories the bathroom with an incomparable style. The Skin line is composed of different types of dispensers, designed to adapt to all current needs in terms of hygiene and cleaning. Mar Plast always stays up-to-date and in step with the times, accompanying you in choosing the best products for you.

Our electronic dispensers of the Skin line: maximum hygiene, linear aesthetics, extreme practicality

Electronic refilling

Electronic with recharge

Electronic for paper towels: no waste of paper, silk-screen printing helps the user to immediately understand the correct way to use it

Soap dispenser with push-button or elbow dispenser: soft push-button dispenser or elbow use very suitable in healthcare and hospital environments

Dispenser for paper towels with central extension, practical front loading of the roll, in Mini format for less spacious rooms, in Maxi format for very busy spaces

Interleaved towel paper dispenser

Paper towel dispenser with automatic cut: for towel rolls, avoids paper waste

Toilet paper dispenser, for rolls and interleaved paper

Toilet brush: wall mounted to facilitate cleaning and maximize the level of hygiene in the bathroom

Waste paper baskets and umbrella stands: equipped with ‘Hidden’ lid, with side rise allows you not to see the contents of the basket making the basket a discreet and aesthetically pleasing accessory in any environment

Supports and floor lamps: wall or free-standing, comfortable and elegant

Duo Washroom and Duo Toilet: the 2 in 1 that combines design and double functionality in a single product