Paper towel dispensers

Design dispenser for pre-cut and interleaved paper towels or rolls. Available both in manual tear-off version and in electric version with photocell. Discover the complete range!

The recommendation to always wash your hands with water and soap after using a toilet is followed by the equally important advice to dry them carefully. A damp or wet skin tends to attract germs, nullifying the sanitizing action of the soap: for this reason, the fundamental gesture of drying hands should never be neglected and Mar Plast has a complete range of accessories for public toilets that allows to fully satisfy this need.

Mar Plast paper towel dispensers are suitable for any kind of use thanks to the easy wall installation (using the assembly kit included in each product), the ease of refueling and, above all, practicality for the final user.

The Mar Plast catalog includes the classic pre-cut and interleaved towel dispensers, which offer the advantage of using different types of consumables, for example “C” or “Z” interleaved sheets. If the toilet foresees a strong flow of users, the most convenient solution could be to install roll paper towel dispensers. Mar Plast products are compatible with different formats and are equipped with saws that allow a precise and smudge-free tear. However, the offer also includes in the Kompatto Line more technological paper towel dispensers, with automatic cutting that cuts the paper in a precise point and reduces waste. Even more innovative, the electronic dispensers of the same line, equipped with a photocell that emits, in a fast and hygienic way, the essential drying paper.

There are models for rolls arranged horizontally, in which the progressive cutting of the paper takes place along the length, but also dispensers in which the roll is placed vertically and gradually torn, starting from the center.

Drying hands, however, is not just an adult thing! For the little ones, Mar Plast has created the Colored Edition which includes, in addition to the other bathroom accessories, a dispenser of colored paper towels dispensers to attract the attention of children and encourage them to dry their hands carefully.

Qualunque sia la tua esigenza, il dispenser per asciugamani in carta che fa al caso tuo ti aspetta nel catalogo Mar Plast.

Whatever your need, the paper towel dispenser that’s right for you awaits you in the Mar Plast catalog.


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