Italy is among the countries of the world one of those that boast the greatest museum heritage ever: from the renowned museums of the big cities to the small but equally interesting exhibition spaces of smaller towns, there are just under five thousand in all. Foreign and Italian tourists who choose to visit a museum are driven by the spirit of curiosity and discovery, but also by the desire to fill their eyes with beauty: the desire that the museum rooms often satisfy, but which does not always match a once you cross the threshold of the bathrooms. To set up the toilets of the spaces dedicated to history and culture with dispensers and hygiene products up to expectations, it will be enough to refer to Mar Plast and its assortment of bathroom accessories for museums, which is divided into a complete range of ideal solutions for toilets of every size and capacity. Quality and resistance, but also design and elegance, are the main strengths of the rich catalog of Mar Plast bathroom accessories.

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