The Prestige Line combines great functionality thanks to the high storage capacity of its dispensers with a simple but elegant design. The accessories useful for the distribution of consumables such as soap, paper, bags also for undifferentiated collection are conceived by Mar Plast as products that are not only useful and necessary but also characterized by an aesthetic appeal, in addition to the softness of the dispensing buttons. Makes it pleasant to use and extremely comfortable.

Push-button or lever-operated soap dispenser, up to 1 L capacity

Extremely soft push-button or lever dispenser: details make the difference

Prestige Soap 550 and 1000 models (Art. 775 and 615) are available in the colors Black, White, Chrome and Satin

Paper towel dispenser, for interleaved paper or for rolls

The Compact Towel models (Art. 720 and 721) are characterized by a very low thickness: only 5 cm for a holding capacity of 250 sheets, ideal in confined spaces

Toilet paper dispenser, for rolls or interleaved paper

The Twin Toilet (Art. 670) holds up to two rolls of toilet paper, arranged vertically. The transparent slider can be lowered by the user to use the spare roll.

Paper dispenser for toilet covers and hygienic bags

The Prestige Toilet Cover Art. 662 in MINI format holds up to 200 sheets folded in four

Available in the colors White, Satin and Black

Standard screen printing on the front

Toilet Brush Holder: Wall mountable for faster and more effective cleaning

Available in the colors White, Satin and Chrome

Waste paper baskets and umbrella stands: a vast assortment that also includes ‘hide-bag’ support and lids for separate waste collection

Article Bin Art. 742 allows you to fold the flaps of the bag inside the basket, thus keeping the aesthetics of the basket intact.

The colored Hidden lids (Art. 744 Diff) allow an easy and immediate distinction of separate waste collection, furthermore the characteristic side rise of the Hidden lids prevents the contents inside the bin from being seen.