Mar Plast napkin dispenser, less waste more style

Mar Plast napkin dispensers help your guests stay clean in a simple way by allowing you to limit paper waste. The wide range offered is able to satisfy every type of use and style, while always maintaining ease of use. In the Mar Plast catalog you can find dispensers for counter, table, bar or wall napkins with unmistakable quality. Like all Mar Plast products, napkin dispensers are also designed with resistant materials with high performance.

Perfect for your business

Mar Plast offers a wide range of colors and sizes. They can be recessed, placed on the counter, on the table or used in drive-thru catering environments. Mar Plast napkin dispensers have been designed to increase the efficiency of your room and, above all, customer satisfaction. Mar Plast napkin dispensers are also ideal for placing on tables, improving the hygiene of your guests and reducing paper consumption by at least 25% compared to traditional napkin dispensers.

Better service, more customers

Giving a better service to your customers also means increasing their satisfaction. Mar Plast napkin dispensers give you the opportunity to offer a better service to your customers while also reducing your operating costs thanks to the single dispensing of the napkins. All Mar Plast dispensers are made with resistant and long-lasting materials, even after years you can count on their functionality. They are suitable for quick use in crowded places such as bars, fast food and takeaway food facilities.