Mar Plast at the cleaning fair ISSA Pulire 2023

The ISSA Cleaning trade fair is one of the most important events in the professional cleaning sector, bringing together companies and professionals from all over the world. One of the companies that attracted attention during the 2023 edition was Mar Plast, a leader in the sector of hygiene and cleaning products. This article will explore Mar Plast’s presence at the show, highlighting its innovations and commitment to sustainability.

Innovation and technology: Mar Plast amazed the visitors of the ISSA Cleaning 2023 fair with its innovative cleaning solutions. The company showcased a wide range of cutting-edge products, ranging from soap and toilet paper dispensers to hand hygiene solutions. Mar Plast products stand out for their captivating and functional design, which combines aesthetics and practicality, such as the double-capacity toilet paper dispensers: the 958 Double MidiJumbo, the 968 and the 969 double-lane intercalated toilet paper holder to contain up to 2000 sheets!

Particular attention has been paid to the advanced technology applied to the products. Mar Plast has introduced smart dispensers that use sensors to detect the presence of hands and dose the optimal amount of soap or toilet paper. This innovation not only improves efficiency and hygiene, but also reduces waste and resource consumption.

Commitment to sustainability: in addition to technological innovation, Mar Plast has demonstrated a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. The company is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its products and production processes. To this end, it has introduced eco-compatible and recyclable materials in its lines such as for example for Woodplastic, made with a hybrid material between wood waste and recycled plastics, and the Skin Stone and Sand line composed of pre and post-recycled plastic pellets. consumption.

Sustainability does not only concern Mar Plast products, but also internal company practices. The company has taken measures to reduce the environmental impact of its activities, such as optimizing the use of resources, recycling materials and implementing efficient energy systems.

The presence of Mar Plast at the ISSA Cleaning 2023 fair demonstrated its commitment to innovation and sustainability in the professional cleaning sector. Thanks to its cutting-edge products and the use of intelligent technologies, the company is positioned as a point of reference for hygienic and functional solutions.

Mar Plast’s desire to reduce the environmental impact through the use of eco-compatible materials and refill systems highlights a concrete commitment to sustainability. The company demonstrates that it is possible to combine technological innovation with environmental responsibility, providing effective solutions for professional cleaning without compromising the ecosystem.

With its success at the ISSA Cleaning 2023 fair, Mar Plast confirms itself as a cutting-edge company in the sector, ready to redefine the standards of professional cleaning and hygiene through innovation and commitment to a sustainable future.


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