960 Black


Multi-purpose modular floor lamp, consisting of:

– clover-shaped base with first pole (1st stage);

– two extension poles (2nd and 3rd stage);

— support for ‘no-touch’ soap dispenser, equipped with a drip saucer;

—- plate for advertising adhesive application;

Compatible with our Electronic dispensers (‘NO-TOUCH’: Artt. 770/771/923/924/927/928) and manual (‘ELBOW’: Artt. 736/855/869/943/952), for detergents without rinsing.



The 960 floor lamp is essential to have everything in a single product, in fact thanks to its modularity it can be mounted in different variants: for example, you can add our dispensers and baskets to have a space dedicated to sanitation, or different types of baskets with Different colors for separate waste collection or soap dispenser and paper dispenser. All guaranteed by the Made in Italy quality Mar Plast.