Skin Carbon collection: now in recycled plastic

Sustainable Innovation and Environmental Commitment: the transformation of the Mar Plast Skin Dispenser Line

For over half a century our mission has always been to offer quality solutions that improve people’s daily lives. Today, we are proud to present you a new chapter of this commitment: the transformation of the Skin dispenser line into the Carbon color variant, made entirely of recycled plastic.

Innovation is in our DNA. And this is why we have chosen to go further, embracing sustainability as an integral part of our corporate identity. We know the importance of adapting to the times and needs of the planet. The choice to use recycled plastic for our Skin Carbon line is not only a tangible sign of our commitment, but also a concrete response to the growing need to reduce environmental impact.

The recycled plastic we use for the new Carbon variant of Skin dispensers represents a significant step towards reducing waste and responsible use of resources. This choice not only reduces the demand for virgin plastic, but also helps promote the circular economy, a development model crucial for the future of our planet.

We know that sustainability is not just about products, but also about the corporate mentality and the responsibility we have towards future generations. This is why we are constantly working to improve our production efficiency, reduce emissions and adopt increasingly green practices. We want to be a tangible example of how companies can adopt a more sustainable approach without compromising quality and innovation.

With the new Carbon variant of the Skin line, we are not only offering a product that integrates perfectly with the modern aesthetics and functional design that distinguish us, we are also demonstrating that sustainable choices can be fascinating and high-performance. This is just one step forward, but it is a significant step towards a better future.

Join us on this journey towards sustainability. We want our products to not only be synonymous with style and practicality, but also with environmental commitment and social responsibility. Change starts with small actions, and our transformation to recycled plastic for the Skin Carbon line is a concrete demonstration of how we can make a difference.

Thanks for being part of this story. Together we can create a future where innovation and sustainability go hand in hand, driving our commitment to a better world.


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