World Earth Day

World Earth Day is celebrated on 22 April 2023, twenty-four hours dedicated to the planet and how to live with it while respecting nature and its elements. In fact, as we have known for a long time now, our Earth is suffering. Pollution, intensive farming, unfortunately also an unbridled use of technology, a massive use of consumer products without reuse have led to an increasingly evident and worrying deterioration of our planet.

Research becomes very important, technology at the service of sustainability that invents more eco-friendly solutions, innovative materials that optimize sustainable resources, logistics and transport that want to be increasingly green, emerging energy supplies that exploit naturally present raw materials. Above all, the ethical approach, the real understanding of the existing problems and the awareness of the state of emergency become fundamental. We can no longer postpone it, it may seem like a cliché and a phrase said and repeated but it is not to be trivialized, indifference to this topic can lead to catastrophic results in not so long and remote times.

Taking note of this element as important as our relationship with the planet on which we live also means creating a certain way of approaching everyday life, understanding how even small gestures and attentions represent a way of caring, a real taking charge of the problem and its gravity. What can we do in our little one every day? Here are some small suggestions that if followed continuously can represent a good way to live in more eco-sustainable ways.

Let’s wash our hands better and with less water

Covid has taught us the importance of washing our hands frequently, but it is important to do so without forgetting the correct use of water. Turning off the tap while soaping your hands can save up to 12 liters per minute!

If something breaks, don’t throw it away right away

Maybe it can be repaired or it’s reusable. Certainly the purchase of products with good quality and resistant raw materials favors a long-term investment and reduced waste but it is not always possible also for cost reasons, so let us use our creativity and try to look for alternative uses or ways to give a second life to objects without throwing them away. Same thing for food, when there is leftover (and unfortunately not in all parts of the world a lunch can be too abundant) let’s not waste it but invent new recipes with leftovers.

Speaking of nutrition, fruit and vegetables can be soaked rather than rinsed under running water, and the water used can also be used to water plants and flowers.

And finally, do we want to give a gift? Why not wrap it with used newspaper or recycled paper, creating an original, creative and eco-friendly packaging. We will not just give away an object but a thought and a gesture of care and love for the same planet on which we all live.

We have reported some small suggestions that can help create more aware and environmentally friendly lifestyles, we at Mar Plast are committed every day to making products that are functional but which at the same time also have the aim of reducing waste. we look for and study increasingly sustainable materials both in the construction phase but also thinking about the disposal processes. Made in Italy for the Planet.


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