Bathroom furniture trends 2023

The new 2023 bathroom furnishing trends have eclectic and diversified styles, which meet the user’s demand for open, dynamic and optimized spaces.

In fact, it is becoming increasingly common not to have large spaces for furnishings and accessories, so it is necessary to make the most of the available square footage and at the same time make it pleasant from an aesthetic and visual point of view.

Furthermore, there is no lack of reference to natural elements and furnishing proposals that manage to combine style and eco-sustainable choices, eco-living furniture and eco-friendly materials are increasingly important. Fusion of styles that take their cue from oriental moods together with more Nordic design varying from neutral colors to polychromatic suggestions. Therefore, the protagonists are wood, slatted floors, chromed elements and white metallic finishes. But also Art Decò and Art Nouveau are back in vogue with colored wallpaper, chests of drawers and mirrors with brass and gilded elements.

Then there are more extreme options such as total white bathrooms, in this case white, a color that never goes out of fashion, becomes the main choice for every element present. A choice that pays attention to detail makes this kind of design a great classic but endowed with contemporaneity and elegance. Some elements inserted in more natural colors, a wicker basket, wooden soap dishes, or paper holders in brown and sand colors will serve to break up the predominant white color just enough to make everything even more harmonious.

Always remaining on the monochromatic option or in any case with a prevailing reference color throughout 2023, the blue and green colors will be very popular, aquatic colors used in more intense tones for those who want to use or in pastel shades for a more discreet choice.

Green light then to the colors turquoise, mint green or aquamarine, cobalt blue and emerald green to recall luxurious and opulent environments. Surely these colors strongly recall the element of water, nature, but also the well-being and relaxation that it is right to indulge in, for example, with a nice shower or a hot bath at the end of an intense working day.

As a contrast to these colors, the anthracite gray and sand beige shades are also an elective choice for harmoniously finishing colors, styles and designs.

There are also more practical and functional aspects such as the desire to insert open rather than closed chests of drawers, visible shelves and shelves, 2in1 accessories that save volume and optimize space, making the environment aesthetically pleasing and at the same time comfortable to use and in the use of the bathroom area.

A fusion aspect therefore distinguishes 2023 in terms of furnishing trends, from more neutral colors to brighter shades of green and blue, without ever forgetting the aspects more related to comfort and always taking into consideration a fundamental element such as eco-sustainability thus choosing environmentally friendly materials and resources.

A bathroom therefore with an essential design, which stands out for the choice of an intense monochromatic style or with strong references to nature and its elements, reflecting this eco-lover choice even with the optimization of spaces and the use of sustainable and innovative materials .


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