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The recommendation to always wash your hands with water and soap after using a toilet is followed by the equally important advice to dry them carefully. In fact, damp or wet skin tends to attract germs and dirt to itself, negating the sanitizing action of soap: for this reason the fundamental gesture of drying hands should never be overlooked, and Mar Plast has a range in store complete with accessories for public bathrooms that allow you to fully satisfy this need.
Choose the ideal paper towel dispenser for your bathroom

Mar Plast towel dispensers will adapt perfectly to any type of use thanks to the simplicity of wall installation (by means of the assembly kit included with each product), the ease of refueling and, above all, the practicality for the user the final.

But let’s see in detail the types of accessories available: in the Mar Plast catalog, the classic pre-cut and interleaved towel dispensers are well represented, which the user can take with a single gesture. These dispensers offer the advantage of being able to be used with different types of consumables, for example interleaved “C” or “Z” sheets.

In the event that the toilet is affected by a strong flow of users, the most convenient solution would be to install roll paper towel dispensers. Mar Plast products are compatible with different formats and are equipped with hacksaws that allow precise tear-off and no burrs. There are models for rolls arranged horizontally, in which the progressive cutting of the paper takes place lengthwise, but also dispensers in which the roll is placed vertically and gradually “pulled out” and torn starting from the center.

Thanks to Mar Plast it is possible to bring a breath of technology even in the toilets, and this happens through the automatic cut towel dispensers of the Kompatto line, which cut the paper at a precise point allowing to reduce waste. Even more modern and performing are the electronic dispensers of the same line, equipped with a photocell that makes the paper come out in the right quantity and in a fast and hygienic way.

Proper hand hygiene is a good habit that is learned from an early age, and the Mar Plast “Colored Edition” paper towel dispensers, together with the other colored bathroom accessories of this cheerful range of products, are ideal for attracting attention and encourage children to use them; in addition to accessories for school bathrooms, the Made in Italy catalog of this popular manufacturer also includes dispensers of towels ideal for offices, bars, restaurants, gyms and many other public places, such as the versatile and elegant models of the Skin line.

Among the solutions available for the supply of toilet paper in the toilets we also mention the products of the Prestige line, available in a wide range of proposals that share the use of robust materials and the refinement of the lines. Whatever product you are looking for, the paper towel dispenser that’s right for you is already waiting for you in the Mar Plast catalog.