Choosing the ideal height for dispensers in bathrooms

When it comes to furnishing public or private bathrooms, one of the often overlooked aspects is the height of the dispensers. Although it may seem like an insignificant detail, the correct height of the dispensers can make all the difference in terms of accessibility and comfort for users. In this article, we’ll explore the importance of mounting dispensers at an appropriate height and provide helpful guidelines for striking a balance between convenience and convenience.

Accessibility Considerations: When deciding on dispenser heights, it is essential to consider accessibility for all individuals, including those who may have limited mobility or disabilities. According to accessibility standards, dispensers should be placed at a height that is comfortable for both standing and wheelchair users. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) suggests that the ideal height for wall-mounted dispensers is between 97-122 cm (approximately 38 to 48 inches) off the floor.

Ergonomics and comfort: In addition to accessibility, the height of the dispensers must also ensure comfort and ergonomics for users. A dispenser mounted too high could cause excessive reaching effort, while a dispenser mounted too low could force the user to stoop or stoop uncomfortably. The goal is to position the dispensers in such a way that the user can reach them easily, while keeping the arms relaxed and the angle of the wrist neutral.

To strike a compromise between accessibility and comfort, here are some practical guidelines to consider when fitting dispensers in bathrooms:

  • Height for Wall Mounted Dispensers: Position the dispenser between 97-122 cm above the floor to ensure accessibility for both standing and seated persons.
  • Height for countertop dispensers: If you choose countertop dispensers, such as soap dispensers or hand towel dispensers, make sure the countertop is positioned at a suitable height for the average user, usually between 76 and 91 cm (approximately between 30 and 36 inches) from the floor.
  • Dispensers for children: In the case of bathrooms intended for children, it is advisable to install separate dispensers at a lower height, to allow them to reach them independently and safely.
  • Test the height: When installing the dispensers, it is advisable to test the height and accessibility by putting yourself in the shoes of the users, especially those with limited mobility, to see if any further adjustments are needed.

Choosing the height of dispensers in bathrooms is an important aspect to consider during the furnishing process. Proper and accessibility-conscious installation can improve the overall user experience, ensuring convenience and ease of use. Following ADA guidelines and taking into account the needs of different user groups are key steps in creating an inclusive and accessible environment for all.


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