Sustainability and Style: the Skin Sand, Stone and Carbon collections

In a world that increasingly requires attention to the environment, Mar Plast wants to demonstrate a concrete commitment to environmental sustainability through the creation of the Skin Sand, Skin Stone and Skin Carbon lines in recycled material. Innovative in the bathroom dispenser sector, Mar Plast has seized the opportunity to make these products ecological, using recycled plastic to produce elegant and functional items. With these lines Mar Plast demonstrates that sustainability can be the basis of modern design.

Understanding the importance of reducing plastic pollution and valorising renewable resources, Mar Plast has embraced the idea of using recycled materials in the production of its products. This innovation has made it possible to create dispensers for the bathroom that combine aesthetics and functionality with a commitment to a more sustainable future.

Skin Sand: An Encounter with Nature

The Skin Sand line by Mar Plast transmits the essence of nature directly into the home bathroom. Made from pre- and post-consumer recycled plastic pellets, this collection of liquid soap dispensers, towel dispensers and more offers a soft, elegant feel, similar to the texture of sand. The sensual touch and sophisticated look of Skin Sand products combine perfectly with Mar Plast’s environmental commitment, demonstrating that quality design can be sustainable and respectful of the environment.

Skin Stone: The Harmony of Stone in the Modern Bathroom

With the Skin Stone line, Mar Plast has brought the harmony of stone into the modern bathroom. Made with recycled material from pre- and post-consumer recycled plastics, this collection of bathroom dispensers offers a unique combination of ruggedness and sophistication. Each product of the Skin Stone line is a testimony of the company’s creativity in transforming waste materials into functional and classy items, transmitting timeless elegance in every bathroom.

Skin Carbon: a great classic in a eco-loving key

The Carbon color is a matt, opaque and particularly elegant black effect, it is a chromatic choice that never goes out of fashion and with which you can never go wrong. Now with a plus: the completely recycled material, also coming from pre- and post-consumer reused plastics. Therefore, not only the new lines, but also the most popular and existing ones are rethought and created in line with the plastic-less and environmental eco-sustainability philosophies.

Why plastic-less? Because new plastic is not produced for the generation of these products, the one already used is reused!

Furthermore, Mar Plast accessories are made to last over time, therefore the production of other and new products in plastic material is further reduced. Optimizing available resources, lengthening the product life cycle, considering the impact of each individual component of the production process means moving towards a future where nature and technology meet in a mutual and respectful dialogue.

The use of recycled materials for Mar Plast’s Skin Sand, Skin Stone and Skin Carbon lines has a significant ecological impact. Reducing the consumption of virgin resources and using recycled raw materials help reduce plastic pollution and the amount of waste sent to landfills. Furthermore, the company shows how the bathroom products sector can play an active role in protecting the environment and adopting more sustainable solutions.

These Mar Plast lines are a tangible example of how a company can revolutionize the bathroom dispenser sector by embracing environmental sustainability. With this innovative and creative approach, the company demonstrates that the functionality of a product for hygiene and design can coexist with a strong commitment to environmental protection. It also gives consumers the opportunity to make informed and sustainable choices also with regard to bathroom accessories, thus helping to preserve our planet for future generations. The future of sustainability in the bathroom products industry is here, and Mar Plast is leading the way towards greater ecological responsibility.


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