Colored collection, for a bath of colors!

To furnish a bathroom, the choice of colors and details is also important. There is a great variety on offer and you can certainly choose bathroom accessories in neutral colours, or the classic white which certainly plays a predominant role in the chromatic choice of the dispensers or black, another great protagonist with an elegant mood which also has a its functional practicality.

However, you can also opt for a more original and colorful choice, monochromatic or mixing different colors and in this case you can’t help but think of the Colored line by Mar Plast.

A complete collection of accessories for the bathroom and hygiene that comes in six color variants with which it is possible to play by combining contrasting colors or prefer a single color but with a strong visual impact. In fact, the classic black and white are present in the line, but there is also a warm chocolate brown, a bright green, an intense sky blue and a vitamin and cheerful orange.

The Colored series also features some other representative features of the line. In fact, the surface of all the products in the line has a soft texture to the touch, a velvety Soft Touch effect which increases the pleasure of use. Furthermore, the paints used for the colors are water-based making them safe, non-toxic and at the same time respectful of the environment as they do not use coloring substances that are potentially harmful to the planet.

These last peculiarities, the soft-touch surface and the water-based paint, of the collection make it particularly suitable for furnishing bathrooms in childcare facilities such as kindergartens, schools, but also pediatric hospitals, outpatient clinics and specialized clinics, thus making a more accommodating and facilitating environment for its young users.

If you don’t know which color to choose, here are some brief suggestions deriving from chromotherapy which helps you choose colors also based on emotional and behavioral needs.

White is the color par excellence of cleanliness in the broad sense and of purity, it conveys freshness, simplicity and a comforting perception of cleanliness.

Black, on the contrary, is a strong colour, almost aggressive and linked to mystery but at the same time it also conveys security, decision and strong will.

Brown is a prudent, stable color, the perfect choice for those seeking balance and harmony.

Green, the color of hope seems to act on the nervous system producing a sense of calm and well-being, it is also the color of those who know how to see beyond borders, who know how to be open-minded and don’t stop at appearances.

Orange transmits energy and will, it is the color of optimism and transforms sadness into desire to do and vital energy, it also stimulates collaboration by dissolving stiffness and tension.

Finally, blue is the emblem of creativity but also of loyalty, purity of heart and honesty of intellect come together in this color that conveys confidence, serenity and freshness.

At this point, all you have to do is choose among these six color variants, to create a truly new and original, welcoming and comfortable bathroom, another made in Italy by Mar Plast which since 1968 has been able to accessorize bathrooms with a unique and refined style, responding to market needs with a quality product that enhances functionality together with attention to detail.


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