Dispenser Art. 911, product characteristics

In public places it is important to find clean and tidy toilets, if they are also beautiful and blend well with the rest of the environment even better! In fact, the bathroom is a place that is unfortunately often overlooked and considered as a second-order element within a service structure, however it is very important.

People must be able to feel safe, reassured at the idea of being in a place where cleanliness and hygiene are evident. This aspect will give a positive imprinting to the whole place, maintaining the positive opinion created or even altering it in a negative sense if the user feels uncomfortable.

The Skin line was born with the aim of dressing the internal content, soap or paper, with the smallest possible footprint, optimizing the amount of plastic material used, rationalizing the spaces and mechanisms inside the dispenser. However, this functional aspect does not want to give up beauty and aesthetics, the shapes are in fact essential but elegant, modern but suitable for all environments, even the most classic ones.

In the soap dispenser category of the Skin line we find the Art.: 911. Its main characteristics are that of being a refillable dispenser, therefore usable with any detergent and liquid soap, an aspect from the green side since it reduces the use of cartridges of refills that have an impact from a production and disposal point of view.

Its one liter capacity makes it suitable for medium to high traffic public environments such as restaurants, bars, cinemas, hypermarkets but it can also be perfectly adapted to surgeries, clinics and hospitals. In the latter case, the White and Fluo Antibacterial variants of the Skin line are truly ideal.

The front lenticular, with the iconic design of the entire Skin collection, allows you to view the filling status of the dispenser at a glance, thus also helping the personnel in charge of maintaining the toilets in checking the dispensers to be filled with the consumable.

The Soft push button is another important feature, in fact it allows precise and comfortable dispensing, its large and comfortable dimensionality also helps people with motor and neurosensory difficulties. All these elements contribute to creating a tidy, functional bathroom with a pleasant appearance in which every user of the service can feel at ease.

All Mar Plast dispensers are equipped with a practical assembly kit, an instruction sheet and a handy DIMA for simple and safe assembly. Easy maintenance and cleaning, just use a cloth with a neutral detergent for an immediate result.

Any room or clinic equipped in this way will undoubtedly leave a positive mark on anyone who uses it.


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