Hygenic toilet paper dispensers

Commercial Toilet Roll Dispensers

The Mar Plast commercial toilet paper dispensers – full of practicality and design. One of the essential accessories for public bathrooms are commercial toilet roll dispensers, which should provide the product easily when needed. Mar Plast offers a complete range of these dispensers to adapt to every need, such as bathroom accessories for small offices to bathrooms that experience a large volume of people on a daily basis.

In the Mar Plast catalogue, you can find commercial toilet paper holders that can contain a single or double roll, up to the most spacious models that are compatible with larger coils. There are also models for dispensing toilet paper in pre-cut sheets, ideal for optimizing consumption and providing users with a product that is easy to dispense of without tearing.


All Mar Plast commercial toilet paper dispensers are designed not only to be functional for the user, but also to be easily refilled as well as protected against tampering. With the presence of key lock mechanisms that can be operated only by management staff. To further facilitate management operations, our commercial toilet roll dispensers are equipped with transparent windows that allows one to check the amount of toilet paper left with just a glance, and consequently, put in a new supply if necessary.

Our designers Mar Plast pay a great deal of attention that go into the functionality and design of our products. Furthermore, our catalogue offers accessories in various styles. Leaning towards a more elegant feel is our Linea Plus line. We also offer an adventurous alternative from our Coloured Edition line, which will give a touch of vigour and creativity to the toilets, thanks to the six different colours available.

Those looking for designer bathroom accessories that are also characterized by maximum durability can opt for the products of the Inox Line, made of sturdy steel and available bothwith "exposed" metal with a fine satin finish. In addition to the stainless-steel models, Mar Plast also offers ABS plastic wall dispensers, which represents the ideal combination of impact resistance and lightness.

Our commercial toilet paper dispensers represent for the customer a guarantee of reliability and durability over time. This is a result of not only the sought-after construction features of these products which are made in Italy, but also for the availability of spare parts for all models that make it possible to guarantee its functionality over the years.
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