The advantages of dual roll dispensers

In places that are particularly crowded and that have a high turnover of daily users, think for example of shopping centers, supermarkets, motorway restaurants, cinemas and large catering chains, it is essential that some essential elements in a toilet are always available.

The presence of a portion of consumable material such as paper, always available inside the dispenser, facilitates the work of cleaning companies and those who take care of the maintenance and hygiene of common places.

Mar Plast offers different types of double-flow dispensers, the mini jumbo Art. 958 of the Skin line, contains two rolls of toilet paper with a maximum diameter of twenty-four centimeters, excellent for environments with a medium-high influx of people but also to extend the time and related maintenance costs.

Also as double toilet paper dispensers, Art. 773 contains two rolls with a maximum diameter of nineteen centimeters, this article proves to be practical and particularly suitable for spaces that are not very spacious but which require spare parts that are always present. In these cases the choice of a mini-Jumbo dispenser is optimal. Furthermore, the Mar Plast dispensers provide for locking with a key (supplied) and therefore the rolls of paper contained do not risk being stolen or taken away, thus avoiding the risk of unnecessary loss of the consumable, and therefore a consequent loss of invested money. The 773 is available in black and white.

The toilet paper holder Art. 774 Glass, thanks to its transparent glass effect lid, allows you to check the amount of paper left at a glance and therefore be able to refill it quickly. The 774 also contains two rolls of toilet paper with a maximum diameter of nineteen centimeters, thus falling into the category of mini-Jumbo dispensers. The 774 comes in two variations of transparency: ‘glass’, discreet and slightly satin and ‘transparent’, blue and more shiny than the previous one.

Finally, the paper holder Art. 775 is part of the models that develop horizontally with sliding roll change, when a roll ends the spare one passes into the position of the main roll, this feature has the advantage of also using the spare rolls, lowering the risk of contamination with the environment. The 775 comes in two classic colors: black and white, both with a glossy finish.

The toilet paper dispensers are therefore the ideal choice to keep the presence of paper constant in the bathrooms, facilitating maintenance and cleaning operations, deprecating the risk of dirty and messy bathrooms. The double roll in the mini Jumbo variants are perfect if you are looking for a large product but without being bulky. Among our proposals you will surely find the one that’s right for you!


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